Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Role, New Horizons

The summer is in full swing for our family but if you remember I mention in previous newsletters things were going to change for Cathy and I.

Over the last several years I've been working to connect people, churches,  and businesses to nationally lead ministries around the world. In June discussions began with among our executive leadership team and the Board which led to me being ask to bring together three aspects of UWM for an aggressive expansion strategy. So along with my colleague, Kevin Mason,  we will combine Expansion, Mobilization, and Partnerships which will lead the way to accomplishing several objectives.

A couple objectives are; to create a global network along which not only North Americans can work and serve but also Latin Americans as well as believers from other cultures too. Think about it like a huge handshake where people from other cultures who want to go can connect with opportunities in other cultures who need help.

In addition we'll still build UWM'S teams and presence, which is now at 375 missionaries in 45 countries. This is a long way from the 110 missionaries and 11 countries 15 years ago when we first joined UWM.

I am personally praying that we can build a network along which more that 1000 long term people from all cultures can get to where the gospel needs to be heard so disciples are made and churches are planted in 100 more countries or ethnic groups in the next 10 years.

So far one group I'm involved in has identified 140+ "unengaged" Muslim diaspora groups in Europe.  This means NO ONE is reaching them. We are also connecting groups who are training Latin Americans who want to go with places that need to be reached. So you can imagine the pipeline along which people can travel to get to where the gospel must go.

I'm also starting a process that will open up fielding people into North Africa and the Middle East. This is a huge opportunity but it needs much prayer.

What's this all mean? We are in a time when people from every continent are going to every place to all peoples of the earth. If you're in your 40s it's likely that you can witness the gospel taken to every people group on the planet in your generation.

How can you help? Join Kevin and I (am the team we are building) by being a mobilizer. If you know people who want to serve overseas for 2 years or longer and are part of a local church I'd love to talk to them.

Also, if you're not part of our prayer and support team please consider helping us. Email or call me so I can know you're part of this effort. This task is too big for a few. We need many hands. So whether you can pray, give, go, or mobilize people together let's be a team. You can give to our work HERE. In the drop down box select our name.

On the home front, the 6 grand kids are growing. Bailey, the oldest is 14 and Elijah the youngest is 6 months. Hannah, Lilly, Christian, Scarlett are all enjoying summer. Matt is a code developer, Kristen is struggling with MS and RA but managing, and Laura and her husband have their own business.

We are building a new website so look for it soon. The web address is:

Please keep us all in prayer. We remember you all and pray for you and your families.

This is you investment,  this is your joy.

Mark Szymanski

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