Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mark & Cathy Szymanski May 2014 Update

May has been a month filled will connecting with leaders of organizations, researching next steps, and looking forward. Below is an update as well as new possibilities.
Let me explain:


As part of the advisory Board of MEDIC International I was able to lead leadership through a time of strategic planning.  Presently MEDIC makes small loans to the poorest of the poor with over 130 banks mainly in Africa. The see banks bring hope to more than 5000 people.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a person who is now able to send their child to school for the first time ever? Or wiped tears off the cheeks of a woman who no longer has to endure the consequences of selling her body? Bring Jesus and a new future makes Jeremiah 29:11 come to life.

MEDIC'S Goal is to grow the organization to 15 million dollars invested. This means many more lives changed and the Gospel brought to tens of thousands more and churches established.  Please pray for Larry Lallo and Dan Capps who are the President and Operations Officer. I'll stay closely involved as an active advisor and collaborator so I need your prayers too.


I continue to help give advice and leadership to a new emerging city - transformation group in Charlotte called; FORCHARLOTTE.ORG. With only a handful of these types of groups in the US we are cutting new ground.
This new work grew out of a commitment to a city wide initiative helping people understand and connect to different injustice issues in the greater Charlotte area.


I've just returned from teaching at a conference in Philadelphia, held by Catalyst Services. More than 70 church and mission agency leaders had the chance to interact and learn as a group new ideas and best practices. I was asked to teach a couple sessions on mobilizing people into missions. I had a great time relating and discussing personal stories and how I learned some basic life principals about setting people into motion.

As I was putting this training together I reflected on the many people's lives God has allowed me to be a part of. I am truly humbled by this thought. I have to confess I thought I was helping others but what I found was God was shaping and transforming me. He was imbedding into me foundational principles that I carry with me into every aspect of my life.


As I close this newsletter Cathy and I are facing new challenges. My role at will change but more than UWM the Kingdom of God needs to grow and bring hope to "all peoples of the earth."  Next month I'll be free to share more with you but suffice it to say the role will get bigger and global in nature.

We have never been fully supported. The closest we got was 75% and then we were ask to get started working but we need to become 100% supported which means raising an additional $35,000 per year. Over the next year I need to focus on building a larger support team. So you may see more of me between my work responsibilities. Would you reconsider reevaluating your support of our work?

A breakdown to help us achieve full support would be:
1 person at $500 per month
5 people at $200 per month
8 people at $100 per month
12 people at $50 per month


I can tell you we are truly blessed.  People often ask, "you must of seen so much in your travels." The answer, yes... I've wiped the tears from eyes filled with pain, hugged those who have been filled with new life, celebrated with leaders as they have accomplished great things for God and their people, buried the dead, and wept many tears. God has torn my heart open, healed my grief, and always given me hope.

I pray you also risk the safety of your heart, emotions and security to trust a trustworthy God.
It is worth it.


Please consider joining our financial support team? You can send contributions to: United World Mission, PO Box 602002, Charlotte NC 28260-2002 and write ACCT# 11013 in the memo line. Further info about on-line giving and other programs see United World Mission. Thank you to our present supporters that allow us to impact the many lives across the planet. Again, THANKS!

This is your investment. This is your joy.

Mark Szymanski

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