Friday, November 2, 2012


United World Mission is mounting a swift response to the deadly hurricane that struck not only the eastern United States but our partner churches and the people of Cuba.

Many of us personally know family and friends who have suffered devastating losses. Lending a hand is what we are all about as believers. As we help those within our own communities, we are asking that you consider helping our fellow brothers, sisters and their families rebuild their homes and lives as well as reach out to unbelieving Cuban families.

With at least 69 people dead across the Caribbean and thousands displaced from their homes, an immediate response is needed from the Christian community.
Our Cuban partnership network extends across 24 denominations and several of the leaders have lost their homes.   Despite the loss, they are asking if we can partner together to be a witness to the community.

United World Mission desires to deliver $10,000 to our Cuban Partners in order to assist their humanitarian outreach efforts demonstrating Christ’s love and compassion to those far from God in eastern Cuba.

We need your help to empower our Cuban leaders as they aid these disaster victims. We are asking for financial donations as material imports violate US embargo regulations. Please consider making a special disaster response donation on our secure website, here. Please select "Projects" and then "Cuba: Disaster Relief - 63725."

Also would you consider tweeting this request out to your friends? Click the link below.

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  Please select "Projects" and then "Cuba: Disaster Relief - 63725."
More information on our Cuban Partnership Network
Thank you for your sacrifice. Please remember the people of the Cuba in your prayers.

Joe Milioni & Mark Szymanski
Cuba Partnership Coordinators
United World Mission

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