Monday, June 11, 2007

New Church Partnership in Birmingham AL

Thanks for praying for me as I traveled with Kevin Mason who lives and works in Northern Europe. We had the chance to develop a partnership between Developing Church Networks which is a group whose focus is to assist new church plants in Alabama, George, Mississippi, Florida and now in Missouri. You'll see us here is the picture: Kevin Mason, Royce Collins, Monte Erwin, Todd McMichen, and myself.

Things went very well as we are moving forward to a place where DCN churches will be provided the necessary help to connect to new churches not only in Northern Europe but also in Cuba, Senegal, Vietnam, Thailand and Congo.

Our desire is to have 10 locations arounf the world were churches can partner with to see nationals church planting initiatives move forward. I can see the day when we have connected 150 to 200 churches around the world to strategic relationships.

Keep praying for me as I need to focus on developing the needed infrustructure to make this work well.

Mark and Cathy

PS: Pray for our candiate orientation which starts this Saturday 6/16. We have people coming taht are headed to Central Asia, Africa, Russia and Europe.

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