Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cuba Summit Update

Great Time - Fantastic - The Best Ever... These were some of the comments of our time in Toronto. The whole purpose of this meeting was to get an update on from our Cuban brothers on how things were proceeding and how the partners could continue to contribute to see Jesus made famous on this island.

We heard about how the training centers we operating and developing new leaders, we heard about how partner churches were helping through ministry colaboration, we heard of a desire to plant another 45 churches in the next 5 years. All this is very exiting.

Thank you for praying for me as I led this meeting. The attached photo is just a portion of those who attended. Keep praying for Cuba, the government, the church and for the people who still need to come into relationship with Jesus. To date we have 10 churches involved, a denomincation from Canada and a Latin Seminary. We are looking for four more churches to adopt a province so if you have a desire to get involved give me a call or drop an email.

NOTE: (Adoption of a province means training & sending a qualified Cuban missionary to a province, purchasing/building a house which doubles as a church & training center & providing ongoing training so that from this location other churches are started that reach the people of the region)

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