Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Year End Update


As we give thanks for Jesus during this Christmas season I would like to ask if you would want to consider a small special gift to a project that I am working on. So, do you know who is moving in next door?

Well, I do, or should I say I could find out. My friend Trevor and I are directing a group from Columbia International University in a new initiative to discover who is moving to where by creating a digital method of identifying where unreached/unengaged people live using social media. Why? By knowing this we can build teams to move into those communities and begin the process of evangelism and church planting.

This new solution would save the global mission community hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by performing a digital research trip before performing a field visit. I need to raise $4500.00 for this project. If you want more information please call or email me.

If you want to contribute this project you can go here and select “Give Online” and under “Designation” select “Projects” and find “Europe: Vision 5.9 – 63480”. THANKS!

What The World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love

More than a lyric in a song it is the truth. Jesus declared that they would know us by our love. I am deep into the planning stage of The Justice Conference Charlotte 2014. As the Director I am leading a team that is working hard to attract more than 1500 people and 300 to 500 youth around justice topics that only people of faith can bring complete solutions to.

Without faith we only tackle part of the problem. The heart of men, women, youth and children need to be radically changed in order to revolve human trafficking, extreme poverty, racial reconciliation, domestic violence, homelessness, and the many other issues that plague our world. So it all starts with the gospel of Jesus.

Pray for our team and the countless hours it will take to attract, educate inspire and mobilize as we unite and ignite a generation around a shared concern for the vulnerable and oppressed becoming a single voice for justice. The ability to impact the issues our world and local communities face is in our hands. These are our children, our families, and our communities. Join us and be part of the solution. I love the quote from Nelson Mandela, “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that generation.” Join us and be that great generation!

Finally, Cathy and I want to say thank you. I pray you will have a great Christmas and New Year. I pray you will deepen your relationship with Jesus and know Him more passionately.

Won’t you please consider joining our financial support team? You can send contributions to: United World Mission, PO Box 602002, Charlotte NC 28260-2002 and write ACCT# 11013 in the memo line. Further info about on-line giving and other programs see United World Mission. Thank you to our present supporters that allow us to impact the many lives across the planet. Again, THANKS!

This is your investment. This is your joy.

Mark Szymanski

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