Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm Changing, It's Weird By Lorenzo Monge, France

The snow was here once again. This winter seems very long and pretty tiring! But even with all the crazy weather lives are being changed and we celebrate many encouraging things God is doing in January and February. There are so many great things that have happened since this partnership began in 2008. Some newsworthy updates are:

Building authorizations: It's official!  We now exist as a church. It's such a relief that we received those very last authorizations. Now we have officially the right to open our doors, to do all the work we have to do; a parking lot (ours is already full), 30 more spots... Come on!

Four recent baptisms: We were full of joy when we baptized two women in January and 2 men in February. These were our first baptisms and they were great events for us, the church, the team, but also for all families and friends who shown up. For many of them, it was the very first time they've seen adult baptisms.

There is more organization to do with all different volunteers, so another step of faith. For now, we feel quite tired, especially with the baptisms, the weather and the number of guests who show up, but in the long term, having two celebrations will help everybody as they attend and learn more about the love of God.

A teenager environment: "Jump". Since September we separated the junior high teens from the youngest teens. In the beginning it was pretty slow. On the other hands, a 15-year-old girl gave her life to the Lord. In January and February few more guys came after the first evening together talking and playing bowling. A few of them never heard anything about God, but they all want to see each other again. Let's see what happens. Pray with us. Kids are giving their lives to the God. A 9 years old girl who composed and wrote a worship song, kids who are following the Lord, It’s great. If we invest so much energy in our After'Dul and Kiddiboum (2 of our kids environment) it's because we're so convinced that those kids want to know the Lord and even if the parents are non-believers every one likes this work.

One women said, “It is just incredible, the Bible, it is something that gives me peace". This is her first time she ever read the bible. She went onto say, “I'm changing, it's weird”.

Read more about Lorenzo & Marie Alice Monge at: eglisedelabrie.

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