Friday, December 17, 2010

The Pink Bag

The Pittman's and I have worked together for more than ten years across several countries in Latin American like Bolivia, Cuba, Costa Rica and others. We recently talked about a story which moves us so I thought I would share it with you.

It was chaotic at the airport in Sucre, as usual, on departure day. Paul and Dori Pittman, were leaving for the states for home ministry. Paul felt the tug on his arm and heard a timid voice that said “Hermano Pablo, necesito hablar con ustedes - Brother Paul, I need to talk to you all.” Turning in the direction of the voice, he hardly recognized Elizabeth, the confident young adult from the El Rollo Quechua church who had matured from the adolescent they remembered from several years earlier. In her hand was a small woven pink bag. Elizabeth is one of the three young Quechua youth their team had sponsored in Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) training, with the hopes that they could advance ministry to children in their community.

Elizabeth and her fellow children's workers completed their CEF training several years ago and since then, have started neighborhood Kids Clubs in two different barrios (villages). They have been faithful to the training they had received. For the past several months, they have been teaching on missions in their little neighborhood kids club meetings every Saturday morning.

As it turns out, Elizabeth’s students in her kids club had been taking up offerings to support a missionary so they can share with people about Christ. It seems that they remembered the Pittman family, as the only missionaries they knew. The small pink bag contained 47 bolivianos, about $7.00. This was a true sacrifice for these children to give and it was given with great love to support the Pittman family mission ministry!

This incredibly unique gift is much more than a monetary gift to the Pittmans. It’s a practical example of how national workers are being equipped and transforming their communities all around the world. It represents the heart and commitment of the Quechua church to share Jesus with the world. Praise God with us for the faith and dedication of Elizabeth and all the CEF workers who are raising up "little" missionaries in Bolivia.

This is your investment. This is your joy.

Mark Szymanski

If you would like to join our financial support team you can send contributions to: United World Mission, PO Box 602002, Charlotte NC 28260-2002 and write ACCT# 11013 in the memo line. Further info about on-line giving and other programs see UWM.

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