Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, I am on my way home from Atlanta sitting at exit 40 on I85. Decided to stop at Arby’s before it got too late to eat. So it’s about 9:00 pm and still two hours from home. I heard a country western song on the radio about being from a small town and I couldn’t stop thinking about my town, Etna, Pennsylvania. Not sure just how big it is today but it was about 2000 when I grew up, four stop lights, a school that had about 100 from 7th to 12th grade… when you played football you played both sides, offense and defense.

I had no idea the direction God would take my life. I never saw the ocean until 21, never flew on a plane until I was 22 and it seemed people grew up to go to the mines, military, or steel mills. But now I have had the privilege to visit some 80 countries, help more than 1300 people serve someplace in the world, and be a part of too many lives to count. I really never thought this would or even could of happened to me. I am totally awestruck and humbled and right now stopping to thank the Lord for this all. Even today I had the chance to listen and encourage two more people toward what God is calling them to. One to South Africa and the other to India.

If it all ended tonight I would say that God was too good to me. I have a great family with awesome kids, a beautiful wife, great friends like you, and I have seen the goodness of God all around the world. So thank you for being part of my life. For praying, giving, and helping me be a faithful man responding to what God is asking.

BIG LOVE to all of you,
Mark Szymanski

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